How much food do we waste??

food-waste-blogWhen writing my latest article for on the rise of food waste it made me wonder how much food waste does my family throw away each week?

My family who live in my house consist of me, my brother whos 12 who has just started to eat the place out of house and home, and my mum and dad. On average it works out we spend £60 a week on food and my mum reckons we dont throw that much away as we only buy what we need.

As a family we are quite lucky when it comes to cooking as my mum and dad were both chefs at some point so we have been taught to cook everything from scratch using the best fresh ingredients that are available. But this tends to mean that if they havent been used that week and dad isnt able to make his soup out of the left overs, it gets thrown away. So i calculated we must at least throw away about £6 of unused food a week.

Where this doesnt seem much now, in a year it means that we throw away £312 worth of fresh food away a year! As my family try to use every thing we buy throw a week, I wondered how much food the majority of families throw away per week and whether the surveys conducted by the Waste and Resources Action Programme, acurate. And also what can someone do to reduce their own food waste?

After some research I found the website, Love Food Hate Waste, www.lovefoodhatewaste.comit gave me some tips such as plan your meals before your weekly shop and freeze half a loaf of bread so it doesnt go of before you get to use it all. All these seem useful but how practical will they be when put into practice? As we all know its easier to say how to do something that doing it yourself sometimes.

Do you keep an eye on what food you throw away? How much do you think you throw away per week? Any handy tips for the rest of us? I would love to know and maybe it will be the basis of my next article.

These tips may become the basis for my next article!

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    Food waste solutions in high density population areas and for businesses is crucial. There are many solutions for households but less so for business. One solution that’s working is

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